Durham County Band Releases First Single, “Back Roads”!

DCB made a guest appearance at the May 23rd Revival House Show in Stratford to showcase some of their new material.

On May 22, 2018, the Durham County Band released their first official single to radio.  The lead-off track from their upcoming EP is a rocking powerhouse called “Back Roads.”

Pete “Hawaii” Wheeler, the lead singer and lead guitar player on the track, is as excited as any of the DCB members.

“We’re just really proud of this song, and we’re so stoked that this single is coming out right at the beginning of summer time,” Wheeler comments from the band’s studio.  “Like so many of our songs, it’s that tasty balance of country rock, vocal harmonies, and great guitar hooks.  I think people will really take to this one.”

DCB’s Kip Walker working the microphone.

A party anthem set in the dusty parking lots and country lanes, “Back Roads” marks the first wide release of any Durham County Band material on the radio.  All you Durham County Bandits out there, be sure to check out the new track, available on iTunes, Spotify, Amazon, and Google!