Lay Down Lonely (Single, 2020)

James Downham
Producer: Pete Wheeler

James Downham’s latest single, “Lay Down Lonely” was released to radio on November 18, 2020. “We were in the studio working on this song when the pandemic hit back in March. So close to being finished at the time, but then we had to hit the brakes on everything. Now, with the new studio up and running, all the protocols in place, we were finally able to put the finishing touches on the track,” says Downham.  for more on the track, and what’s new with James Downham, you can catch his interview with Cal Gratton on Canadian Coast to Coast Closeup on November 16th. The Coast 2 Coast Closeup features interviews and music from some of the best independent and emerging artists in the country. Interviews are posted on https://www.cjvr.com and