Kitchener-Waterloo Collegiate performs the World Premiere of the new, original musical, You Never Know

On April 24th, KCI performed the World Premiere of You Never Know, a completely new original musical written, directed, and produced by KCI teachers, Mark Smith and Pierre Sandor.  You Never Know is set in the 70’s and follows a pair of talented sisters as they strive for stardom to escape from their small town life. The musical features a the song Hopeless Romantic, written by James Downham and Mark Smith.  In the musical storyline, Hopeless Romantic is penned by Todd as a means to confirm his feelings for Lorraine. When he sends the lyrics to her by mail, Ruby Lips takes the song as her own and adds it to her live show with Lorraine taking on lead vocals. The song makes Lorraine a star, but sooner or later the truth has to come out!  The Original Cast Recording of You Never Know features vocal performances by the cast.