reson – Messing With The Muses: Physical CD + MP3 Digital Download


Messing with the Muses was the debut album of James Downham, and fellow James Downham band member, Mark Smith’s campus indie rock band.

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Order the classic 1997 reson debut album “Messing With The Muses” on CD and you also receive the MP3 tracks for immediate download!  Start listening right away, and we’ll send your CD by mail.

Includes a physical CD and high quality 16-Bit 44.1 kHz MP3 digital downloads of all 11 tracks.

1. The Final Fall (3:23)
2. One Foot and One Half (2.59)
3. Shades of Grey (2:53)
4. The Fire is Up (4:55)
5. Mary Go Round (4:20)
6. Haunted (4:28)
7. Injustice (4:34)
8. Hot Dog (2:20)
9. JW (4:29)
10. Goodbye, So Long, Farewell (4:10)
11. Nancy Says I’m Dreaming (4:10)

Messing with the Muses was the debut album of James Downham’s campus indie rock band.  The album was recorded over two days in August 1996 and was released on January 23, 1997. Messing highlights the band’s eclectic taste in music, featuring a range of songs across the musical spectrum. From the straight-up rock of “The Final Fall” and “Shades of Grey” to the thrashing “JW” to the acoustic “Nancy Says I’m Dreaming,” the album delivers a truly unique musical journey. Each stop along the way is a different experience, offering up different emotions, while the album as a whole maintains a cohesive feel that is undeniably reson. Simple arrangements, catchy tunes, and solid musicianship make this album one for the ages.

1, 3, 6, 8, 11 written by James Downham and Mark Smith.
2, 5, 7 written by Mark Smith.
4 written by James Downham, Steve Wells, Rob Simmons, and Steve Banks.
9, 10 written by James Downham, Mark Smith, Steve Wells, Rob Simmons, and Steve Banks.

Recorded by Kevin Banks at Kelly’s Basement Studios, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada.
Mixed and Mastered by Kevin Banks with reson at Digital Music Studios, Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
Produced by reson.
Layout and Design by reson.
Photography by Kevin Simmons.
Original art “Malicious Intent” by Jenn Fabris. Photo by Peter Lenardon

James Downham: Vocals, Guitars
Mark Smith: Vocals, Guitars
Steve Banks: Drums, Percussion
Rob Simmons: Bass
Steve Wells: Guitars

© 1997 reson. All Rights Reserved.