reson – Scream (CD + MP3 Digital Download)


Scream was the sophomore EP of James Downham, and fellow James Downham band member, Mark Smith’s campus indie rock band.

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Order the classic 1999 Reson sophomore EP “Scream” on CD and you also receive the MP3 tracks for immediate download, including 2 bonus tracks not originally included on the CD!  Start listening right away, and we’ll send your CD by mail.

Includes a physical CD and high quality 16-Bit 44.1 kHz MP3 digital downloads of all 6 tracks.

1. Scream (3:45)
2. No Whys and No Goodbyes (4:57)
3. Crazy Ass Matter (3:45)
4. Come Again (3:53)
5. Summer Song (4:10)
6. Can’t Help Falling In Love With You (2:05)

Reson’s sophomore CD, Scream, includes two never before released tracks from the original recording sessions, available as bonus MP3 downloads. “Summer Song” and “Can’t Help Falling in Love With You.”  Scream features a matured approach to songwriting and a more dynamic arrangement, culminating in a rich, dark spectacle of sound and emotion. Harder edged guitars and rich vocals bookend this EP.

I never considered Summer Song finished to the point that I was happy enough with it to include on the CD – especially the main vocals. I was running short of time and money and wanted to get the disc out, so I never put the finishing touches on it. Ever since, it’s been a personal favourite of mine, and I always regretted not including it. Looking back i think the recording captures the raw feel of how we performed it live. As for the cover tune – we simply didn’t put it on the CD because we just didn’t know how to obtain the proper license to make it legit…. Research wasn’t my strong suit! I’m glad we can finally get this gem out. This was how we usually ended a show. ” – James

1, 3, 4 written by James Downham and Mark Smith.
2 written by James Downham, Mark Smith, Steve Wells, and Steve Banks.
5 written by James Downham, Steve Wells, and Steve Banks.
6 written by Luigi Creatore, Hugo Peretti, George Weiss.

Produced by James Downham.
Recorded and mixed by Edward Platero at Digital One Studios, London, Ontario.
Mastered by Ron Burklen at Studio A-Mirador, Kitchener, Ontario.
Cover art by Edvard Munch, The Scream (detail), 1893.
Layout and design by Fortunato Restagno.

James Downham: vocals, guitars
Steve Banks: drums
Steve Wells: guitars
Mark Smith: bass
Edward Platero: guitars

© 1999 James Downham. All Rights Reserved.